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Abril 2014

17.30 H

Hacking the Veil. Audiovisual Source Code by Abu Ali

Audiovisual Source Code
Central Theater. Free tickets. Online ticket reservation

Our memories are part of a living archive, we are constantly producing and re-interpreting images, in fact we are built with images. We feel the need of explaining ourselves through audiovisual contents.

A source code is the combination of text which enables a computer to execute a software item. Sharing the source code is the basis of free software. The Audiovisual Source Code sets out from the point of applying this idea to culture, to realize that every cultural issue is produced through different voices in relation to the context where it’s produced. Creativity is often represented as witchcraft in the Western World; The Audiovisual Source Code tries to erase this idea of the artist as an inventor and the Copyright laws that are supported by this idea, as well as the business models produced by the cultural industries. This format lets us rethink culture as an infinite palimpsest, art as a game between different people from different eras, remixing as a cultural system where these processes take place.

The Audiovisual Source Code as a space to play and experiment, as a hybrid frame between a lecture and a screening, and many more things.

Hacking the Veil

The realities produced by the mainstream media interfere with our direct experience, creating hegemonic discourses that are difficult to tear down. How can we begin? ‘Hacking’ the veil of imposed images is a crucial challenge if we are to generate a model of inclusive citizenship and to demolish the monuments of neoliberalism, revealing the shadows that they cast.

Abu Ali (Toni Serra) studied History of Art and Philosophy at the Universidad de Barcelona, video edition and aesthetics at the Film & Video Art in New York, and Communication Analysis at CUNY Brooklyn College. In 1989 he started working in video as a form of reflection and critique of contemporary culture, and also as a means of personal exploration. In 1992 he co-founded the OVNI archives where he still works doing research and programming events such as: Post Sept 11th, Resistances, Colonial Dream, Autonomous Zones.

The Audiovisual Source Code format is distributed through a Creative Commons BY-SA license and appears from the core of EMBED integrated audiovisual, a community that reflects on the integrated audiovisual.

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