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Event venues

A. Centro de las Artes de Sevilla (Seville Arts Center)

18 Torneo St. – Next to La Barqueta Bridge

All activities will be of free access until full capacity is reached. For the performance by Miguel Benlloch and the concert by Zöe Irvine, you can book your free ticket online. The onscreen showings are of free access until full capacity is reached. Being the home venue for the festival, apart from the activities that appear on the schedule of events, you can also find here the shop and the information point.

B. Teatro Alameda (Alameda Theatre)

11 Crédito St. – Next to Alameda de Hércules.

This venue will host the inauguration act with €urovisions . Book your free ticket online.

C. Teatro Central (Central Theatre)

6 José de Gálvez St. Isla de la Cartuja.

The Audiovisual Source Codes are the public activities of the <Home> Encounter. You can book your free ticket online.

D. Teatro Duque (Duke Theatre)- Sala La imperdible

Duque de la Victoria Square.

The concerts by B-Flecha y Javier Estrada DJ are free. You can book your free tickets online.

E. Monasterio de la Cartuja (La Cartuja Monastery)

2 Américo Vespucio Avenue, Isla de la Cartuja. Access through Puerta de Tierra. Nearby parking space available.

The Saturday Encounter will take place on the Lawn in the Gardens of the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo (Andalusian Modern Art Center) with free access.

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