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Abril 2014

20 H

Remapping Europe + Entremundos


Frame of Map of Migration

Remapping Europe

Remapping Europe videos have been made by different migrant media-makers in ateliers produced in Poland, Turkey, England and Spain. Spring, 2013.

[SPAIN PREMIERE] Göç Haritası (Map of Migration) 5:00min by Süleyman Şahin. Turkey 2013
“The lines of national borders on maps are artificial constructs, as unnatural to us as they are to birds flying overhead.” Mohsin Hamid.
A wooden suitcase bears witness to forgotten stories; the maps inside it embody the memories and feelings of one family’s migrations.

[SPAIN PREMIERE] Obcy? (Stranger?) 8:57min by Kamil Rodzik and Magda Radwańska. Poland 2013
How do people see the neighbouring country a hundred kilometres from the border? Seasonal workers and students from Ukraine go to Lublin, Poland, where people also smoke Ukrainian cigarettes smuggled in trains and cars. But what do Lublin locals think about Ukraine and Ukrainians? Are they from another planet?

[ABU ALI Retrospective] Entremundos. Audiovisual collage made by the artist, Abu Ali/ Toni Serra. Marruecos 2014

Part experimental essay, part visual poetry, and part independent documentary, Toni Serra’s films have explored the different meanings of trance and the realities of dreams. The gradual realisation that criticism should be a means by which to discover and shed light on other worlds has led him to consider and experiment with the relationship between video and visionary experience, between the inner world and the visions that move between worlds, spaces and times, between the real and the unreal, dreams and wakefulness, poetry and prophecy... in a journey that doesn’t just cross boundaries, but also erases them.

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