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Abril 2014

Remixing Europe. Migrants, Media, Representation, Imagery

Programación online, Publication

Remixing Europe is unveiling the imagery of migrants in European media. Four individual case studies of recent media incidents provide the starting points for an analysis of country-specific, cultural and historical contexts that influence public perception of migrants and migration. The publication includes a film catalogue and DVD.

How does the Polish media portray Ukrainian female immigrants? How does the media reflect the way internal migrants in Turkey are positioned within movements like the Gezi Protests? What are the challenges for an Ecuadorian woman fighting for social rights in Spain in an era of evictions and the housing crisis? How do notions of "Home" influence British debates around migration and race?

Remixing Europe is produced in the framework of "Remapping Europe, A Remix Project Highlighting the Migrant’s Perspective". This investigative and artistic project explores the tools and concepts of remixing media as a method to re-view, re-investigate and re-consider prevailing imageries of migrants in European societies.

You can read the book introduction here.

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