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Interviews with some of the participants during Remapping Europe

25.06.2014 by ZEMOS98

The encounter that took place in 16th ZEMOS98 Festival: Remapping Europe turned into a place where reflections about migration and its representation in media were pooled. We produced these series of interviews in the encounter down times, we would have liked to interview all of the participants, but the schedule set out the limit. Here it is a brief representation of what we shared during the encounter.

Lena Rogowska
Nurgül Örtürk
Ayşe Akalın
Carlos Delclós
Pablo Zareceansky
Mactar Thiam Fall ’Mahu’
Xose Quiroga
Aída Quinatoa
Abu Ali
María Lage and Alejandra Villaseñor from Association without Papers from Madrid

Interviews: Óscar Clemente. Production: José Luis Tirado. Edition: Lucas Tello.

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