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Abril 2014

Customised Videos


The first phase of the Remapping Europe Project consisted of audiovisual production workshops for young migrants and youth with migrant backrounds. It was carried out during the spring of 2013, and the resulting collection of videos can be seen at the festival’s space. This collection tries to depict different lifestyles related to marginal spaces, in difficult conditions for citizenship.

The Remapping Europe Workshops started from the idea of sharing experiences in the flesh, based on the conviction that personal stories displaced from media coverage are the ones which add up and produce new imageries that can generate collective and more responsible ways to understand life. The result is a sum of 48 videos in which the participants’ stories, memories and prospects crystallize.

Understanding that these videos could be joined by others, that no possible substitution exists, that stories can only be expanded by more stories, is understanding that we’re made of stories, of our own and those of others; therefore understanding that no differences exist between our own stories and other people’s stories, because the only possibility is to establish ourselves as a collective, around new imageries that overthrow the dominant ones.

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