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Understanding Hacking the Veil

10.04.2014 by Sarita Malik

With an ambitious and complex programme such as Remapping Europe, it can be difficult to communicate the key messages in a simple way. What is the project about and what is the Encounter seeking to do? Emerging key themes are perhaps easier to identify: representation, identity, freedom, borders and control.

All of these themes were addressed head-on in Day 1 of the encounter, Hacking the Veil , which brought together artists, journalists, academics and activists. Each participant was tasked to consider how Europe is responding to its diversity and perceived others and how we can rethink, redraw and redefine the meaning of Europe.

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Remixing Europe, Migrants, Media, Representation, Imagery 

12.03.2014 by Vivian Paulissen

Remixing Europe cover

There will happen different things during 16th ZEMOS98 festival. Among them, the publication Remixing Europe. Migrants, Media, Representation, Imagery will be introduced.

This book gather different texts which analize the prevailing imageries related to migration in different places of Europe. We can find several approaches there: articles about local problems and others which are reflections about media and migrations in a universal context.

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06.03.2014 by ZEMOS98

This year, our image is formed by a series of photographs titled Superheroes , by artist Dulce Pinzón. In them we can see a group of migrants involved in tasks such as child care, package delivery, laundry cleaning, etc; but at the same time, dressed up as Superheroes. It’s a simple yet very powerful idea: the migrant workers who carry out lowly types of labour are really the true superheroes. They usually work in precarious conditions, and they not only give support to our societies, but also help their families in their native countries sending them money. We think that act of subverting and taking over mainstream imagery embodied by Superheroes is very stimulating to illustrate Remapping Europe. Furthermore, it connects with the work developed at the workshop held between January and March last year, where four superheroes that would defend the migrants’ social rights were created based on personal experiences told by the attendees. The only literary license we’ve allowed ourselves, with the author’s permission, is to slightly modify the titles of the images in order to adapt the idea to Europe, as the original context for the series of images took place in New York, USA.

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